1. Do I have to fill out a customs declaration?

    All international parcels must have a customs declaration. You fill one out in your Profile before the parcel is shipped and our specialists will check it free of charge and correct it if needed.

  2. Can you help me to fill out the customs documents?

    Yes, we check filled out the customs declaration (i.e. shipping documentation accompanying your parcel) and edit the information if needed. You take full responsibility for the declaration data.

  3. Can you remove the invoice from my outgoing parcel?

    Yes, we always remove invoices.

  4. What items are prohibited from shipment?

    You can check out the list of items that are prohibited from shipment here.

  5. Who pays customs fees?

    Customs fees (if there are any) are paid by the recipient.

  6. How do I know if I have to pay customs duties?

    Customs regulations vary from country to country. Customs authorities will notify you of any applicable fees during filing.

  7. What is the “declared value/invoice value”?

    When you fill out your customs declaration for the parcel, you need to state the value of the goods sent. This value has to match what you paid for your orders, excluding additional charges (such as US delivery costs, tax etc.). The declared value is the price of the item on the seller’s page.

  8. Do you state the insured goods value in the customs declaration?

    No, the insured goods value is not stated in the customs declaration.

  9. My parcel haven’t passed customs clearance.

    Customs personnel normally contact the recipient and provide information regarding additional charges or actions that have to be taken for the package to clear customs successfully. If the package has been returned to the sender, customs are supposed to notify the recipient and provide the reason, but that doesn’t always happen.

    If your parcel hasn’t passed customs clearance, it will probably return to our warehouse. We will notify you when it arrives and let you know why it was returned. You can then decide if you want to send it again (as well as to create new packages from its contents or change delivery address) or find another way of resolving the issue.

    Paid shipping fees can not be refunded. You will have to pay shipping fees for the new delivery.

  10. My parcel was arrested at customs. What should I do?

    It is only possible to resolve such issues directly with customs in the destination country. Unfortunately, as a foreign company, we cannot offer assistance in these cases.

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