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When you place your order, you use our LiteMF warehouse address as your shipping address.

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We offer lower shipping rates that online store delivery costs!
If a store doesn't ship to your country, LiteMF is here to help you out!

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Suede Classic +

PUMA Suede Classic +

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iPad 32 GB

Apple 9.7" iPad 32 GB

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Michael Kors MK3419

Watches Michael Kors

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Beats Solo2 Wireless

Headphones Beats Solo2

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Nikon Coolpix L340

Digital Camera Nikon Coolpix L340

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    Mail forwarding from the USA to World «»

    Mail Forwarding — your virtual USA address

    Everyone who has ever bought something from american online stores know that there can be problems with delivery. Some stores and eBay sellers ship their items only within the USA and do not offer international shipping. If you have run into such store but really want to place an order you can use mail forwarding service LiteMF to get the items delivered to you!

    Cost-efficient shipping from the USA

    LiteMF provides you with a shipping address of our warehouse in the USA. All you have to do is to use it in a field “Shipping address” when you place an order in online store. Working with LiteMF brings your shopping experience to a new level. Also as a great bonus we offer cheap shipping rates that are much lower than shipping costs that foreign online stores can offer. Save your money with LiteMF!

    Reliable mail forwarding company

    For shopping abroad you need a reliable mail forwarding company. LiteMF is a recognized mail forwarder in the USA that charges only shipping costs. LiteMF offers free acceptance and storage of your packages storage as well as other perks and benefits. LiteMF is famous for low shipping rates (starting from 11.63 $ per package) and offers Package Protection Plan. LiteMF is a mailforwarding company that keeps service quality on a high level.

    Save money on shipping!

    We offer not only low shipping rates but also smooth warehouse operation which quarantees fast and easy shipping of your orders. You can consolidate your packages from different stores and send them all together - this way you can save even more! LifeMF is an obvious choice if you need good service and low shipping cost. We also offer eBay integration which makes shopping as easy as it can be. Do your shopping with LiteMF!

    Get your free US shipping address
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