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Feedback from LiteMF customers

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Very fast and smooth delivery, my figure came in excellent condition!
I ordered delivery of the Samsung phone from US, repackaging took more days than I expected - 3 days. I got package just in time, all the tracking history was very clear. No damages, box was not broken:) I happy with a service and strongly recommend it to others. Attaching the picture of the content, the box itself is already in trash bin
I am happy of using this platform because such comfortable and useable things in this structure i dont know.
The goods were delivered very quickly despite the general quarantine. The goods were delivered safe and sound, everything was packed very carefully, there was not a single scratch on the box.
Excellent Service, Fast shipping process, They prepared my shipment for shipping in less than 10 min. The shipment arrived only in two days, which is so fast for international shipments especially in this crisis. I would try this service again and recommend others to try it.
When I started the account, I was not very confident of this service. But it turns out to be be outstanding service with reasonable charges!! Recieved all items intact. Highly recommended service, especially for middle-east countries.Loved it!!

Delivery from eBay auctions from across the globe

Order from eBay even when the seller does not ship to your country. Your LiteMF account is synchronized with eBay and all your purchases there appear here automatically. Also, shipping is way cheaper this way.

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