How It Works

LiteMF mail forwarding services allow you to easily receive anything you buy internationally, and have it shipped on at your convenience and to your specifications


Your purchases are sent to our US warehouse

Shop at any US online store (eBay, Amazon, etc.) and ship your purchases to our US warehouse, no matter if the store has the option of delivery to your country. You'll get your free personal address when you register. Our warehouse is situated in a tax-free state.


We put everything together

As soon as we receive your incoming packages, we check them in (you will see the information in your account), make 2 photos of the package boxing and remove the original packaging (if this option is chosen) - and all those operations are free! You only pay the shipping cost to United States of America as you choose the delivery method and the package gets weighed. There are a few paid services and you can order them at your desire: contents check-up, additional photos (5 or 10 pcs) and Package Protection program activation.


You receive the package in United States of America

In your LiteMF account you can see your package progress starting from the check-in up to the moment of delivery. Depending on the shipping method you've chosen, you will pick it up at the post office or have it delivered via courier. As you receive the parcel you will have an opportunity to leave your feedback - we will be glad to get that.


Free processing and storage (for 30 days), you only pay the shipping cost to United States of America

days - 30 days free storage period
No fees for parcel check-in and consolidation
Choose the 'Package protection' option while creating an outgoing parcel (just for 2% of the items total price) and make sure to receive a compensation if the package is delivered empty/damaged or anything is missing
Lowest shipping rates - calculate the shipping cost to United States of America using our delivery calculator

Payment methods

You can choose the payment method to pay the shipping cost as well as for ordering the paid services you need:

Credit/debit card (MasterCard or Visa) via Payonline

Package protection program

If you choose the 'Package protection' option, you will get a refund if the package is delivered empty/damaged or anything is missing

The Package protection fee is just 2% of the sum including the items total price and the delivery cost