How do we work?

We will buy goods from the
USA, Europe, the UAE, Turkey or China for you

For example,
  • We accept bank cards and cryptocurrency
    Payment systems: MasterCard, Visa, Stablecoin
  • We take care of order placement and communication with the seller
  • We apply all discounts and coupons when possible
  • We even deliver from stores that do not ship to your country

Carriers we partner with

  • ems
  • usps
  • dhl

Payment methods accepted

  • Bank cards of local banks
  • Bank cards of foreign banks
  • USDT cryptocurrency

Optional services we offer

  • Insurance for package contents and/or shipping fee
  • Extra stretch wrap for further safety
  • Filling out customs declaration forms for you
  • Various packing types
  • «Fragile» or «Handle with care» stickers
  • Priority sending