How can I buy online with LiteMF?

Personal purchasing assistant

We only need a link to the product page and your payment! You don’t have to register in online shops and waste time on boring formalities.

Place order

Your personal Mail Forwarding service

You can shop online in a wide variety of USA and European webstores. Your purchases will arrive to LiteMF warehouse, we will check them in, handle, repack (if you ask us to) and then send to the address you'll choose.

Our payment methods are safe and easy to use:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal

Choose a suitable shipping method

We have our own shipping method.
And there are packing options that you choose from - to minimize total weight by removing all the wrappings and boxes or to use extra packaging materials to protect fragile items.

We will protect your package for 2% of total cost.
You will get your money back if something goes wrong during the delivery.

Parcel delivery

Your package will be delivered to your office, appartment, pick-up point or post office - depending on the option you've chosen.
  • Courier delivery
  • Pick-up points
  • Post office branches

We'll be grateful if you find a minute to place a review considering your experience with us once you receive your order.