1. Are there shipping restrictions?

    All important information on forbidden and restricted items that cannot be sent outside of the USA can find here. Please check the list of prohibited goods for each country.

  2. Can I send parcels to addresses registered to companies/organizations?

    We do not have any restrictions regarding recipients.

  3. Can I send a parcel automatically to my address?

    Yes, if you turn on the auto-shipping option.

  4. How can I calculate shipping cost?

    Shipping cost is calculated based on dimensions, weight, shipping method and final destination. When your parcel is ready, you will be notified of its weight and final shipping cost.

    Calculate your shipping cost right now!

  5. Can I send parcels to my family or friends?

    Yes, you can.

  6. How much time does it take to pack and send an outgoing parcel?

    Usual packing and shipping time is two business days (the warehouse doesn’t work on weekends). However, processing times may increase during high-traffic periods, such as Christmas.

  7. What is a tracking number?

    A unique identification number for your parcel that allows you to track the location of your package during all stages of shipping. LiteMF always provides tracking numbers for outgoing parcels.

  8. Can I insure my parcel?

    LiteMF offers a Parcel Protection Plan, which guarantees to refund your money if the parcel is lost or its contents are damaged or stolen.

  9. What shipping methods do you offer?

    We can ship your orders with USPS or DHL from our American warehouse.

    Delivery from the USA via the USPS, which allows to send parcels to almost any country in the world. It usually takes from 14 to 30 days to deliver orders to your local post office. You can track & trace your parcel at the USPS website. A Parcel Protection Plan is available for this shipping method.

    Expedited shipping from the USA to your country via the USPS. The parcel is delivered to you via courier within 7-14 days. Package tracking is available on the USPS website. A Parcel Protection Plan is available for this shipping method.

    Expedited shipping from the USA to all countries except Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Your parcel will be delivered to you by a DHL courier in 5+ days. Parcel tracking is available on DHL website, as well as a Parcel Protection Plan.

  10. My parcel is delayed. What should I do?

    Contact out Support Team, who can request a parcel status updeate from the shipper. You can also use your tracking number to request information on the location of your package from the local postal service.

    If the parcel is delayed by customs in the destination country, we, as a foreign company, are not authorized to resolve such matters. You can contact your country’s customs authority to inquire about the status of your package.

  11. What happens if the weight of my parcel exceeds shipping limits?

    The weight limit for most modes of shipping is 31.5 kg per parcel. If the weight of your parcel exceeds 31.5 kg, please submit an oversized parcel application and our specialists will help you select an optimal shipping method.

  12. How can I track my parcel?

    All the parcels sent from our warehouse are assigned a tracking number. The tracking algorithm depends on the selected shipping method:

    • Priority Mail International (Airmail) and Express Mail Service (EMS)

    You can track your parcel in your Profile on our website or at the USPS website.

    • DHL Express

    Parcels sent using this method can be tracked on the DHL website. Just put in the tracking number in the «Track Your Shipment» field at the right top corner and parcel status information will be shown automatically.

  13. What countries do you deliver to?

    We ship worldwide, except for Ghana and countries subject to a US embargo: Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo, Burundi, Belarus, South Africa, Republic of the Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, North Korea, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

  14. Can I use another shipping method?

    We only send parcels via carriers listed on our website. If you would like to use a different shipping method or send goods via cargo/freight, then you can arrange for shipping with the transport company and notify us of the date, time, and the party picking up.

  15. When will I be notified of the final dimensions and weight of the outgoing parcel?

    When your parcel is ready to be shipped, you will receive an email with the information regarding the dimensions and weight of the parcel, as well as its shipping cost.

  16. What if I have a discrepancy in weight of parcel?

    For international mail: "small package" - admissible difference in the weight - 20 grams, "package" - admissible difference in the weight - 50 grams. If the difference exceeds this numbers, you need to draw up a postal report.

  17. When do I pay the shipping fees?

    When the parcel is fully ready for dispatch, you will receive a notification with the final shipping cost and additional information. You account will be charged automatically.

    If your balance is above 0 dollars, your package will be sent right away. If there is a debt on your account, the package can be sent only once it’s settled.

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