Purchasing on your own (Mail Forwarding)

  • What limitations are there when using a personal address abroad?

    You can’t use the warehouse address provided by LiteMF for receiving checks, gift cards, or other financial operations. It is also prohibited to use the warehouse address for the arrangement of loans and accounts of any kind, registering domain names, and for any business purposes. It is prohibited to indicate the warehouse address as a billing address under any circumstance.
    It is strictly prohibited to fill in your personal German address as a billing one anywhere - in case of violation, the user is subjected to a €10 fine.

  • What items are prohibited to be shipped internationally?

    Before placing an order in a webstore please check the general list of prohibited items and additional restrictions for Express shipping to Russia.

  • What is the maximum possible weight I can ship?

    The maximum total weight of the items you can ship as one combined parcel using standard shipping methods is 31 kg (wrapping included).

  • What happens if the weight of my package exceeds maximum possible weight for all delivery methods?

    If possible, we will divide the items. The cost is $5 if the original item can easily be divided into parts, or if it has been received as one package consisting of several parts. More complicated divisions will be calculated individually, according to the principle '$20 per hour'. You will be able to have it shipped in parts creating separate outgoing packages for each part.

  • Will any duty be imposed on my package?

    Please check this information with the customs representatives in your country.

  • What is a commercial batch?

    A commercial batch is a batch of items intended for further resale. Items intended for personal use are not considered a commercial batch. 
    Items for personal use are items intended to be used for personal, family, and home, and are not related to business activity. 
    Whether or not the package will be considered a commercial batch depends on the quantity, type, cost of the items, and several other factors.

  • How do I enter the delivery address in an online shop correctly?

    Let’s take some popular shops for example.
    The online shop 6pm offers a wide variety of clothes, footwear, and accessories. Once you are registered on the website, go to the settings section, and click 'Add a new shipping address'

    Fill in all the fields as shown below (all data must be completed using the Roman alphabet). 

    Under the address form there is a check box labelled «Make this my primary shipping address», if you tick it, this address will become the main one and will be automatically selected when making another order. 

    Another popular shop is Carter’s, offering clothes and footwear for children of all ages. Choose «Address book» in the account settings and then click on «Add new address».

    The address form is a bit different from the previous shop, but the process of entering information is the same.

    So, what do these forms described above have in common and is there a universal option?
    We’ll explain what each field means and then it will be obvious how to fill them in. 

    1. Name / Full Name / First, Last Name — in this field(s) you fill in your name and surname, for example: Anna Petrova (don’t use patronymic).

    2. Address Line 1 / Address 1 / Street Address — here you fill in the house number and the street where our warehouse is situated, for example: 1600 Johnson Way. (the house number goes first).

    3. Address Line 2 / Apt, Suite, Floor, Unit / Street Address 2 — here you fill in your account number, for example: Ste #LM1111, (Ste and # can be removed).

    4. ity — here you fill in the city of the warehouse — New Castle. Sometimes you are offered to choose from the list.

    5. State / Region — in this field you will fill in the state where the warehouse is located — DE (Delaware), Sometimes you are offered to choose a state from the list.

    6. ZIP / ZIP Code — here fill in the zip code — 19720.

    7. Country — United States or USA.

    8. Phone number — in the USA, it is +1 (302) 246-1037. Pay attention to the example before filling the number in the field. Sometimes you don’t need brackets, hyphens, or +1 – sometimes you do.

  • How can I to add an shipping address on eBay?

    To add an address on eBay, go to 'Account settings', then to 'Addresses'. In this section choose «View all shipping addresses».

    To add an address on eBay, go to ‘Account settings’, then to ‘Addresses’. In this section choose «View all shipping addresses».

    In the Addresses Section click on 'Add another address'.

    Fill in the form as shown below using your data.

    When saving an address, eBay may offer to save the changes:

    You can choose any option, but we recommend choosing the one you enter without changes.

  • What are billing and shipping addresses?

    Billing address The address of your bank card registration. If you can’t find the country that issued your card in the list, get a virtual card US Unlocked, which will have an American billing address.

    Shipping address The address to which the items are delivered. Before purchasing in an American online shop, make sure it accepts bank cards of your country. If it doesn’t, get a virtual card US Unlocked or use the Purchase assistant.

    You can discover the shop’s policy on forums where experienced buyers give advice. You can easily find these forums in an online search or you can look for the information on the shop’s website. The section where you can find it is usually called one of the following: Customer Assistance, Customer Service, Customer Support, or simply just Support. In this section there should be a subsection called Payment Methods, Payment Options, etc. If some cards are not accepted, you will see the following message: “We do not accept international credit cards.”

    Sometimes if the billing address and shipping address are not the same, shops cancel the order and freeze the money.

    If the order is canceled, you get an email with a request to contact their Support. If you don’t contact them to specify a coinciding billing address, money will be unblocked automatically after some time. It’s not a problem, you’ll just have to wait.

    There are also opposite cases when the billing address being the same as shipping address is not real for the card you are paying with. In this situation, some shops will cancel the order when checking the addresses. And again, you receive an email requesting a real billing address.

    It’s better to find out beforehand about the policy of the shop you are buying from. If it doesn’t accept some cards, or if the addresses must be the same, it will indicate this in the Payment Options section.

  • Some sellers require the shipping address to match the billing address. What do I do?

    Use our Purchase Assistant service.

  • What phone number do I enter when ordering from an online shop?

    If you order to the American warehouse use +1 (302) 246-1037. If you order to the German warehouse use +49 30 74004111.

  • The shop doesn’t ship orders to my address – what do I do?

    Use the Purchase Assistant, or try to find the item you need on multi-brand platforms, such as eBay, Amazon or Zappos.

  • Can I pay for my purchases with the bank card of my country?

    Yes, if your country is on the list.

  • The online shop doesn’t accept my bank card – what do I do?

    If you see a message stating “Incorrect Billing Address” when placing an order, get a virtual card US Unlocked or use the Purchase Assistant service. You can also look for the item you need on multi-brand platforms, such as eBay, Amazon or Zappos.
    Some online shops only require the bank card details. If you entered all the data correctly but still can’t pay, try the following methods:
    Pay for your purchase via electronic payment systems: PayPal, Masterpass from Mastercard, Amazon Payments, and Google Wallet.
    If you have a PayPal account, try to pay with it. If you can’t, register a new PayPal account and enter USA as your account country (you can choose your account country only once when registering). 
    When paying via Masterpass, Amazon Payments, or Google Wallet you will still enter your bank card details, so the problem may remain.
    The best solution is to get a virtual card US Unlocked.

  • Can I pay for my purchase with someone else’s card?

    No. When you register on the LiteMF website you agree that all purchases must be paid using the funds from the account’s owner that can be clearly identified.


  • Can I pay by gift cards or crypto currency?

    No, It is not allowed to pay for purchases with gift cards, bitcoins or other crypto currency, or third parties’ accounts. It is also prohibited to pay by anonymous cards (e.g., QIWI, etc.) and airline or transport company premium miles.

  • Why did the shop cancel my order?

    If a shop cancels your order, it is probably due to one of the following reasons:

    • Your card wasn’t accepted.
    • The shop doesn’t ship to intermediary addresses.

    If the order was cancelled due to these or other reasons, try to look for the item on multi-brand platforms, such as eBay, Amazon or Zappos, or use our Purchase Assistan service.

  • What do I do if the order was cancelled but the money was charged?

    If the order was cancelled by the shop, contact their Support.
    If it happened when using our Purchase Assistant service, contact us and we will certainly help you.
    Note: Do not contact the shop directly if you purchase through the Assistant as we were the ones to make the payment and it may mislead them.

  • When will the money for the canceled order be returned to the card?

    If you purchase on your own, payback time depends on the policy of the shop where you made an order, on working conditions of the bank that issued the card, or on the payment system via which the payment was effected.

  • The shop changed my zip code, will the package be delivered?

    Shops may add 1112 to the zip code of the USA warehouse — such changes are not critical. If there are other changes, contact the shop and ask them to provide the correct zip code to the mail service.

  • I don’t understand how to make a purchase – can you buy some items for me?

    The best decision is to use our Purchase Assistant service and professionals will make your purchases for you. Our operators have long-term experience in buying and they will use your discount (that is, if you have one and mentioned it in a comment on the order). 
    After buying, we contact the seller to specify the time of delivery and order status. During the purchase, we act as an intermediary in communication. 
    Due to this, you don’t have to know much about the intricacies of American shopping. You send us a link, make a payment on our website, and after the items are bought and delivered to the warehouse, you create an outgoing package in your account and pay for the delivery to the selected address. 
    You don’t have to register in dozens of shops. It’s tiring to enter your data all the time, remember logins and passwords, learn about different types of purchases and carts.

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