LiteMF Express additional limitations

Additional restrictions for LiteMF Express delivery method

Note: LiteMF Express delivery method is available only for the addressees in Russia.

Attention! The following restrictions are additional to the general list of the items that are forbidden to be shipped internationally:

Antique or collectible items or any rare/unique object. Those can be a piece of furniture/cutlery, coins or currency/postage stamps, etc.

Perfumes, nail polishes or liquids marked as «flammable» or containing alcohol/acetone not depending on their volume; and also all the liquids of more than 1 litre by volume.

Musical instruments of 20 years and more and also having some signs of having been designed individually.

Gems/precious metals except for pieces of jewelry.

Photographic films/photographic negatives/fragile items that can be damaged during the sorting procedure.

Quantitative restrictions: there can be only one expensive consumer electronics device (such as a smartphone/tablet PC/electronic book reader, etc.) per month shipped to one and the same addressee (according to the customs regulations of Russia).