Customs declaration

  • Do I have to fill in a customs declaration?

    All international packages must be accompanied with a customs declaration. Fill it in yourself, and our specialists will check it for any mistakes and make any necessary changes for free.
    You are responsible for the reliability of the information about the package contents that you enter.

  • What is an invoice and where do I get it?

    An invoice is an electronic proof of payment for a purchase with the data of the order (items' names, price, quantity, etc.). You can use a screenshot of the email from the online shop which is usually called «order details» or «order confirmation» or a screenshot of the corresponding transaction from your PayPal account/purchase history from your online shop account.

  • What is «declared/invoice cost»?

    Declared cost is the price of the item on the seller’s website. If you bought the item with some special offer, used a discount/promo code, you should declare the exact sum that you paid.
    In most cases the catalogue price is the same as the invoice price (that is declared cost of the item).
    Declared cost must be the same that you paid for the items, not including extra expenses (delivery within the country, purchase tax, etc.).

  • I bought an item on sale, now it's another price on the website, what price do I declare?

    You have to specify the sum that you actually paid for the item. If you used a promo code or discount, you have to take it into account and enter the sum that was actually charged off when you paid for the item.

  • Can I remove the seller’s invoice?

    We always remove the seller’s invoice before the final wrapping as the cost of the items must only be specified in the customs declaration.

  • Do I specify the cost of the Parcel Protection Program in the customs declaration?

    No, this amount is not specified in the accompanying documents.

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