General rules

  • How do I receive a package in a post office?

    Take your passport, go to a post office during working hours and receive your package. 

  • How long will my package be kept in a post office?

    It depends in a certain country and delivery service. Usually it is 14-30 days.

  • How will I get my package from a courier?

    When the tracking status changes to «Out vfor delivery», you will get a phone call from a courier to agree on the delivery details.
    The package will be brought to the address specified during its creation (LiteMF Express method).
    If you selected LiteMF EMS, a courier from will deliver your package.
    If you selected DHL Express, a courier from DHL will deliver your package.

  • What documents except for the passport can I show to receive my package?

    Having a passport is a compulsory condition ensuring that you will receive the package delivered to the post office and addressed to you.

    Don’t try to receive the package only with a notice that you got in your mailbox. A post office or courier service employee has a right to check your identity and they must be able to do that.

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