1. What should I do if I receive the package containing the goods belonging to another client?

    You should contact us as soon as possible to report all the details needed to start an investigation with us. You can send us the photos to provide us with all the necessary information. Attention: we ask you NOT to damage the original packing materials.

  2. Can I cancel the Protection Program activation order?

    Yes, you can do this in case the parcel was not sent from our warehouse. If it has already been sent, you can not cancel the program activation.

  3. What is Package Protection Program?

    LiteMF offers to protect your outgoing parcel with the use of Package Protection Program. We will return your money if:

    • Package is lost;
    • Contents are damaged;
    • Some of the contents are stolen.
  4. What is the insurance amount for the loss of the parcel?

    If your parcel is not found, we can file a complain to postal service. In this case, the maximum amount compensated will be equal to insured value but no more than real and declared prices of your items. If your parcel is lost, we will return shipping cost as well.

  5. What compensation can I get in case of damaged contents?

    Damage item compensation is calculated according to the invoice value of the goods (it also cannot exceed insured and/or declared value). The shipping cost will not be compensated.

  6. How do I know the protected value of the outgoing parcel?

    The protected value cannot exceed declared value of the contents. You can protect the value of your goods except additional charges (such as US delivery, tax etc.). Shipping cost adds to protected value automatically.

    Overvaluation will be considered as fraud that will lead to compensation refusal and investigation closure in case of insurance event.

  7. How damage item compensation is calculated?

    Damage item compensation depends on the type of damage and damage degree evaluation.

    If you received your item and it was damaged in transit, you cannot expect full value of the item to be compensated, except for the case when goods has been fully destroyed and cannot be used. The partial compensation amount is calculated individually. The shipping cost will not be compensated.

    You can return damaged goods in order to receive full invoice value of your items (but no more than insured and/or declared value). Return address can be provided to you by our Support Team. The cost of return shipping has to be paid by you, you can pick any shipping method with tracking number option.

  8. In which case can I get shipping cost refund?

    Shipping cost is refunded only if your parcel has been lost in transit and was not delivered.

    In case of stolen or damaged goods, total compensation amount is calculated only based on parcel contents value.

  9. My parcel was not protected, what should I do in case of insurance event?

    If you haven’t used our Parcel Protection plan, you have to take in account that we cannot accept your complaint and/or will not compensate damaged items or lost parcel. You can contact your postal service company in your country and file a complaint according to destination country regulations.

  10. Declared value and insured value - they are the same thing?

    Not always. The value of the goods that you want to protect can be stated when you fill in declaration document. But remember: if insured value exceeds the real price of the items (according to seller invoices) or declaration value, that will be considered as fraud and no compensation will be paid.

  11. When should I notify you in case of a insurance event?

    You have to inform us immediately, if the contents of your parcel has been stolen or damaged. You have 7 calendar days from delivery date to send us all documentary evidence and file a complain.

    Also contact Support Team in case your parcel's status does not change within 14 days. We will contact postal service regarding your parcel and if it is declared lost, all the funds will be compensated to you according to Protection Plan terms.

  12. What information should I provide in case of a insurance event?

    You will have to provide the following information:

    • A copy of documents provided by postal service;

    • Seller/online-shop invoices;

    • photos or other visual materials (for example, photos of the same item from eBay);

    • Photos of packing material/postal box;

    • Detailed pics of damaged parts if any;

    • In case of a damaged item - expert evaluation documents for the item being refurbished.
  13. How can I initiate investigation?

    Please contact our Support Team and provide detailed information of your situation. In case of an insurance event you have to notify us within 7 days from the moment you received your parcel and not more than 90 days from the day it was shipped from our warehouse.

  14. If investigation is closed in my favor, how do I get paid compensation?

    If investigation will be closed in your favor, Support Team will contact you and inform that the compensation for your parcel will be paid. Those funds will be paid on your account and you can then withdraw your money with payment method that you usually use.

  15. When do I have a to pay Parcel Protection Plan cost?

    Your account will be charged for protection plan together with shipping cost after your parcel is ready to be shipped.

  16. What should I do with damaged goods and packing materials?

    Please make sure you have all the documents on hand, items, packing materials and postal box as they were received until your situation is resolved, do not use or throw them away.

  17. How long does insurance even usually take?

    Each insurance event is regarded separably. Processing times depend on its type and if all necessary documents were provided in time. It usually takes from 7 to 20 days.

  18. Do you offer Protection Plan for incoming parcels?

    Our Protection plan only works for outgoing parcels.

    If you want to insure your parcel for its delivery from the store to our warehouse, please contact the seller or the shop before placing an order.

  19. How do I calculate Protection Plan costs?

    The cost depends on the goods value in your parcel. Insurance contribution is 2% of the value of the contents in your parcel and its shipping. Declared value of the items must match the protected value of the contents.

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