1. What is LiteMF?

    LiteMF is a US mail forwarding service that makes your online shopping experience easy, fast and efficient. We offer a free US and Germany shipping address and a range of warehousing services free of charge. You only pay shipping fees!

    Our goal is to make your shopping experience easy and convenient for you to receive your purchase from the USA stores even if the seller does not offer international shipping or their delivery rates are too expensive. We can consolidate your orders from different stores into a single parcel to lower the shipping costs.

    Do you own an online store? Integrate your operations with our e-commerce solutions for cross-border express delivery from the USA, China and Europe.

  2. B2B solutions

    Do you own an online-store or any other e-commerce project? We can arrange a express delivery of your parcels from the USA, China and Europe to Russia and CIS countries.

    We offer comprehensive logistical support:

    • Package pick-up from your warehouse;

    • Package labeling and processing, if required;

    • Shipping via air or land transport to Russia or CIS countries;

    • Customs clearance and processing;

    • Prompt delivery to your customers via our delivery team or pickup points and post offices;

    • Order return services.

    Are you a seller on eBay Amazone and other sites?

    We have automatic integration with eBay available. Orders are automatically uploaded into our system and you receive a label for domestic shipping for delivery at our warehouse. We handle the rest.

    • Integration with all last mile operators in Russia with a single click;

    • Delivery times as quick as 5 days;

    • Shipping via USPS and Russian Post at discounted rates.
  3. Why would I need a US shipping address?

    Planning to buy from foreign online stores and save money but don’t know how to get your purchases delivered to you? We offer a delivery address in Delaware, a tax-free state in the USA, where your goods can be sent to by any online retailers. We receive your items and pack them into a parcel free of charge. We can include as many as possible* of your items in one package, so that you SAVE money on shipping We offer a number of cost-efficient shipping methods that allow you to receive your parcel from the US within 5-10 days.
    *amount of items in one package may vary due to size and weight of items.

  4. How does mail forwarding work?

    It’s very simple and efficient actually. Each LiteMF customer has their own personal US postal address with a suite number at our warehouse in Wilmington Delaware. When you are shopping online, at checkout provide address of our warehouse to send your orders to. We receive the incoming package, process it, store it and dispatch it on to the address of your choice.

  5. What do I have to pay for?

    Once you register with us, you can use our services free of charge:

    We also offer a number of additional services:

  6. How can I start using LiteMF?

    Sing up on our website and you will automatically receive your personal US shipping address in the “Address” section.

  7. Which stores can I order from using my LiteMF address?

    You can buy from almost any online store, eBay, Amazon and other major retailers as long as they deliver to the USA.

    Please keep in mind that some websites may have different rules and restrictions. Please check with the seller to verify any additional shipping information before you place your order.

  8. How else can I use my LiteMF address?

    You are welcome to use your free LiteMF address not only to ship your orders and merchandise, but also to receive correspondence and documents.

    Please note that it is forbidden to use your free LiteMF address to receive cashier's or banker's checks, debit or credit cards (including pre-paid and gift cards) and other financial instruments. You are not allowed to use your LiteMF address to open a bank account, register a company or domain name, or use it as your billing address for any purposes.

  9. What countries does LiteMF operate in?

    LiteMF does not place territorial restrictions on its members, who can reside in any country and have their mail and packages sent to any destination of their choice.

    However, when sending a package from our warehouses, members must take into account the restrictions and prohibitions applied by the country in which the warehouse is located. For example, it is forbidden to send any package from the USA to Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Sudan. Additionally, we do not ship to Ghana.

  10. Where are your warehouses located?

    Your mail and packages are currently processed by our US warehouse in Delaware, Wilmington.

    See map

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