Item check-up

Individual check-up

You can check-up your item yourself with the use of the photos we take at the warehouse. We provide 2 photos of each parcel free of charge.

Additional photos

You can order 10 additional photos of the contents. When you order photos, you give a permission to unpack your item.

2,5 $ — before the item is delivered to the warehouse
5 $ — after the item is delivered to the warehouse

How to order?

Check-up service

We offer check-up service to make sure your item arrived in a proper condition.

10 $ — check-up of 1 item

Please provide us with a link to original item page on the website it was purchased on and add a comment if you want us to check any details in particular.

We do not check: inner characteristics of an item, quality of assembly/tailoring, authenticity of the brand, material and etc.

How to order?


You can return your item if its appearance does not match seller’s description.

If you pay for return delivery then you have to request seller’s return address, add it to Address Book and create a package.

Parcel protection plan

Compensations in case of:

Parcel loss

If you parcel was lost during delivery from our warehouse, we will compensate the cost of its contents and delivery.

Damage of the contents

Compensation for the damaged goods means partial compensation depending on the damage. Full cost of an item can be compensated only if the item is returned. Delivery cost is not refunded.

Missing items

If there is an item/items missing in the package, compensation is paid based on the invoice cost of the missing item. Delivery cost is not refunded.

of contents and delivery cost (3% for EMS shipping method)

The service is ordered during creations of a parcel

Outgoing packages

Parcel protection plan is for outgoing packages only. If you want to insure your package when it is delivered to our warehouse from the seller, please contact the store before you place your order.

Insurance cost

Insurance cost depends on the cost of the items in your package. Insurance fee is 2% of the contents and delivery cost (3% for EMS shipping method). Declared value of the parcel must match insured value.

You are charged automatically for insurance and delivery before your parcel is sent.

How to let us know?

Within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery you have to notify us and provide all necessary documentation if your parcel was damaged or arrived with missing items, or if your parcel has not updated its tracking status in more than 14 days. To file a complain please contact out Support Team.

How long does it take?

All insurance events are different and are reviewed individually. It also can take from 7 up to 30 days depending on the type of the event as well as the amount of documents provided.