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International Mail Forwarding

What are the benefits?

The first amazing benefit is that the majority of our services are FOC - free of charge! All you have to pay for are the shipping fees, the insurance, and a few special requests. We will receive your items, store them, process them and dispatch them onward for free.

Using your LiteMF postal address you can: buy from sellers who do not ship internationally, and take advantage of stores’ domestic shipping offers, ask for your items to be consolidated in one outgoing package, thus reducing the shipping fees, have the contents of your incoming packages photographed, so you can return the order if anything is not right, get expert help filling in the customs declaration, and have your packages sent whenever you want, to whichever destination you choose.

To learn about the specifics of our terms and conditions, please read our "Terms of Service". If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or feel free to contact our Support Team "Customer Service". They will help you choose the best options for you.

We will do everything in our power to provide you with the best mail forwarding service allowing to ship items from the USA worldwide.

International shipping addresses and mail forwarding services

There are many good reasons to shop online. Better prices, greater choice, and the chance to find items that are unavailable or overpriced in your country of residence.

But there are also many seemingly intractable problems. What if the seller doesn’t ship abroad? Why pay for shipping small items individually, when you could ship them all together and pay less?

There is a simple, smart solution: International Mail Forwarding by LiteMF. The key to successful online shopping!

What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail Forwarding by LiteMF provides you with your own postal address in the U.S. Have your shopping and mail sent to your U.S. address, then forwarded to you at your convenience. LiteMF is a mail forwarding service providing you with your personal US shipping address and allowing you to save money and time.

Wherever you shop online, use your LiteMF postal address. We will receive your items in our warehouse, store them for up to 45 days, process them and ship them on to you to the address of your choice. You will receive a notification, including 2 photos of the package, as soon as we receive it, and another one as soon as it’s on its way to you. You can choose different shipping options, track your packages, and much more!

For more details on our services check the pricing page.